Aluminum Chair

If you are like me you have been wanting chairs like these for your kitchen:

alum dwr

But have not bought them because they are $450 each at Design Within Reach.

And even the knock-offs are over $130 each at both Target and Walmart.

Well I am about to make all your dreams come true, because I just found these babies for...are you sitting down? $52 bucks.

(I know it says "door" instead of "chair" but I called them, they said they're just mis-labeled, but the price is correct.)

I spent half my day patting myself on the back for finding these and the other half playing Restaurant City on Facebook. So PRODUCTIVE day I'd say.

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  1. Nice find!! And here I was feeling good about finding these for $139: http://www.cb2.com/family.aspx?c=11021&f=5580