Room Board : Erin and Donny's Office

My friend Erin, left the following comment on a previous post:

"i would love your help to finish my office. it's technically donny's :( and it's the one room he has design control over in the house-but it's hard because he wants it to be an outdoors theme. any suggestions w/o becoming too tacky?"

I definitely know the pain of a husband having design opinions. Zach has made many suggestions for our house including a red and silver color combo, hanging beads in lieu of doors, and using posters from Spencers. So an outdoors themed office is pretty mild in comparison.

I think the best way to approach Erin's dilemma is to use elements from nature as well as a few clean modern pieces so as to avoid the Bass Pro Shop look.

Like this!
Via Canadian House and Home

and this!
Via Canadian House and Home

and this!
brown antlers[1]
Via Elements of Style

And here is a quick room board I put together:
Erin's Office

Vintage Print - $20
Antlers - $99 for set of three
Desk Lamp - $69.95
Woven Desk Accessories - $15 and $25
Metal Accordian Side Table - $60
Cowhide Rug - $250
Desk - $119
Chair - $129.99

Good Luck Erin!


  1. I love that look!

    Posters from Spencers, lol.

  2. thanks erica!! i'll have to show him...we do have antlers in there...grrrr....so the fact that u have pics w/antlers included is fantastic!! now to convince donny it's the way to go!!

  3. Don't worry...I face this same problem. Brady thinks he is going to put his big elk in our living room once he "gets one". I like this look, manly but doesn't look like you are in a wildlife museum! Also, thanks for the bathroom suggestions Erica! I love it, unfortunately I had already painted!