Closet Organizer

If you're looking for a way to store your purses, shower curtain hooks work like the bomb dot com.

My Closet

I got the idea from Real Simple:
Real Simple

However I find Real Simple to be hit or miss. Like the one time they told me to wrap scarves and tablecloths around mailing tubes to avoid them getting wrinkled.
mailing tubes
Sure, I'll just be wrapping all my scarves around mailing tubes and tying them off with a bow if you need me.

And then the time they told me to wrap plastic bags around my knees while I'm gardening. No thanks Real Simple.
plastic bags
First of all who has hot pink plastic bags? Mine would have the Fry's logo all over them and it would look really classy.


  1. if ONLY i had a closet completely dedicated to shoes and bags...

  2. lol! Please wear Frys bags around your knees.

    The shower hook is a fabulous idea, my handbags are currently stuffed into a plastic tub.

    Any specific kind of shower hooks?


    1. Lol...my purses are in a plastic tub as well. I wish I had the space to do something like this in my closet!

  3. That is rather ingenious. First I will be buying cute bags. Otherwise methinks my closet will still not be as cute as yours.

  4. Just found your blog! Love the purse tip!!!

  5. OK, I like the purse idea, but where did you find the shoe holder???

  6. love this idea for purses! thanks for sharing!

  7. I use the closet beneath my stairwell for my handbags (they were haphazardly hanging on hangers). Yesterday I went to The Dollar Tree, spent four bucks on shower hooks. My closet now looks like a million bucks. This really was a great idea. Thanks.

  8. lol you are a funny girl!

    going tomm to buy shower hooks... thx doll


  9. Awesome idea! And, your comment about grocery bags with the Fry's logo printed all over them made me laugh. :)

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  13. Thanks for your wonderful sense of humor!!!! I havent laughed that hard in along time!!
    Its nerveracking to chase around toddlers & I sure appreciated youre clever space saving ideas & HALIROUSHumor!