Bird Lamp!

Here is another little preview of the bedroom. One of my bird lamps. I bought two of them at Goodwill for our nightstands. Probably not for everyone, but I love them.

lamp 007

lamp 003

Full disclosure, these lamps came with some lampshades that I thought I would simply recover and glue ribbon trim on. Hahaha that was so funny when I thought I could recover lamp shades.

Complete disaster ending in my fingers covered in fabric glue and throwing the shade on the ground in disgust. Bought new shades at Target instead.

UPDATE: I've gotten some e-mails asking how I painted these. All I did was wipe them down with a damp cloth, tape off the light bulb socket area, and spray paint. I used about three coats. The spray paint was Valspar from Lowes.


  1. I love that blue! What color spray paint is that?
    I wasn't so sure about the bird lamps, but they are really cute now!

  2. Looks great! you have a good eye for yucky things and turning them into beautiful.

    I would love to see pictures of the tragic discarded shades...lol

  3. Can we seriously discuss the amazingness of this lamp! I LOVE it!

    I have to admit I like hearing about your failures because it makes you human.

  4. The lamps are sweet! No one in the world has the same lamps as you :)

  5. You did wonders with those circa 1981 home office lamps. You are just a wonder. period. :)

  6. These are tremendously cool. Yeah...re-covering fabric lampshades sounds like craft torture to me. Good call going to Target.