Let's talk throw pillows. There are a lot of pretty designer pillows out there, the problem is they're $90 bucks plus. I don't know about you but I don't like spending more than about $20 on a throw pillow, because well, it's a throw pillow people. Here are some good looking cheapies I have been eyeing.

Top Row - Zebra Print $11, Embroidered Blue Roses $13, Green Floral $14.99
Bottom Row - Teal Floral $19.99, Citrus Scroll $13, Blue and Green Floral $12.88


  1. I never shop at Walmart and when I saw two of those pillows you posted I went to walmart and looked for them. Sadly they didnt have them and I feel dumb ordering them online, but they're so damn cute i just might.

  2. Yes! I bought that Pier 1 floral pillow a couple months ago because that single pillow inspired a complete re-makeover of our living room. Jason was pissed!