Ikea Faves

I received an e-mail from a reader named Caitlin regarding Ikea. Caitlin is getting married soon and will be receiving a generous gift card to Ikea from her in-laws. She asked for my recommendations on what to buy to furnish her new place.

Ikea can be hit or miss as we all know. My favorite items are the ones that don't scream "Ikea", but instead kind of fade into the background as just good, classic pieces. That's the whole point right? Sticking to a budget, but creating rooms that look like you spent lots o' benjamins.

Here are my favorite Ikea products for each room:

Ikea Dining

1 - HARRY chair $49.99 : nice clean lines and if you don't like the color options, you can buy custom covers here.

2 - ELIAS chair $69.99

3 - DOCKSTA table $149 : This table has definitely made the rounds in the blog world, I still love it.

4 - TOBIAS chair $99.99

Ikea  Living

1 - KIVIK sofa $768 : I have not seen this sofa in person, but I love the shape of it.

2 - BAROMETER floor lamp $49.99 : I have this lamp and it looks much more expensive than 50 bucks.

3 - LIATORP console table $199 : I also own this console table, I use it in my entryway.

4 - STOCKHOLM coffee table $199 : Sarah Richardson herself has used this table, I'm sold.

sarah rich

5 - KIVIK chaise $379 : I've always wanted a reading nook with a chaise and this is a great looking one.

ikea bedroom

I really like the HEMNES line for the bedroom, each piece is classic. However, I wouldn't buy all these together because it's too matchy-matchy.

1 - HEMNES bed $279

2 - HEMNES dresser $299

3 - HEMNES nighstand $59.99

4 - VARMT RAND bedding $19.99 : Loving the stripes, comes in lots of cute colors.


  1. I love that couch you posted. I saw it at IKEA and the chaise part actually pulls up and has hidden storage in it! Super smart idea.

  2. I have that dining room table! I loooove it! It's only me and my boyfriend, so it's perfect for us :)


  3. Thanks for responding to my email! I will for sure be picking up the Harry chair, Barometer floor lamp, and Hemnes bed. Oh, I wish our tiny apartment could accommodate that lovely sofa - the secret storage makes it even cooler.

  4. Um, hello...we are total bedroom twins!


  5. My husband and I recently bought 2 of the Kivik sofas (not sectional) and we love them. They are low-slung, but the wide arms are wonderful. Our dog likes to lay on them. The arms aren't too high as to give you a crick in your neck when you are lounging. The seat is nice and comfy. Only complaint - the cover gets dirty. We had to buy the beige color since it was the only one that went with our decor, but they are washable!

  6. And let's not forget the Expedit bookcases...and the funky chandelier...and the utility pendant...and the mirrors...and the....