Bedroom Change

I made a little change in the bedroom recently. I've never really liked the arrangement of black frames I had above our dresser.
5-25 004

My mom and I found this canvas art at Home Goods last week, and thought it would make a better statement for that spot. I like it much better.

7-26 003

7-26 004


  1. It's a nice compliment to your bedding.

  2. I really like the change. It's very calming. Can I ask where you got that fan?

  3. I have been following your blog for a while. I love all your designs. I do have a question? What color is your dresser? Is it grey? I can't really tell!!

  4. The blue in the painting is perfect.

  5. Awesome change! I live in Chandler and Home Goods is the bomb.com!

    Also, BTW- have you seen any awesome khaki colored drapes/curtains around? Want to mix some with some flowing white curtains in my bedroom. Not having any luck!