I think everyone probably has something they want for their home that is really unrealistic and impractical. Like maybe a white sofa, when you have a dog and kids.

For me the one impractical item I've always wanted is a sprial staircase. It's so ridiculous, would look terrible in the home I have now, and is just a very silly thing to want.

But I've always wanted one since I was a little girl! I also thought Geo Storms were cool, but that's neither here nor there. So instead I'll just post these pictures from Apartment Therapy.




  1. I'm loving the rhino head on the wall in the second picture!

    ps. Geo Storm????!!! :) That was my very first car. Wow. I'm having flashbacks of tape decks, a trunk just big enough to hold one carry on size piece of luggage, and $25 of gas lasting two weeks. Good times.

  2. Katie I had a Storm, too, and the A/C never really worked properly on top of all those other attributes you listed. :)

    I love spiral staircases! My kids would be in heaven (and it would lead to nowhere since we are one level). There's something very 70's and comforting about them.

  3. If it makes you feel any better, I had one for a year in an apartment that I rented and while I thought it was cool and cute at first, I learned pretty quickly how unfun and unpractical they are. Trying to get a queen-sized bed up there- forget about it! Hubby and I (well, at the time - fiance and I) had to sleep on separate twins that we pushed together because a twin is all that could fit up the stairs. And forget quickly running upstairs for something - it makes you dizzy and it's ridiculously easy to hit your head on the upper stairs if you leap too quickly onto that first step (ask me how I know, haha). So, while I still think they LOOK cute and cool, I will never have one again!

  4. Really? Spirals? I'd break both ankles for sure. And how do you make it upstairs after a glass of wine too many?

    Ah well, to each their own -- put me squarely in the "white couch" impracticality camp.

  5. I totally feel you on the spiral staircase dreams. I also want a tower with a round room surrounded by windows for my home office. Maybe a little too Disney Medieval? Ohh well :(

  6. I've always wanted a chaise lounge but I would probably become the new treadmaster/catch-all.