Entryway Light

My entryway is in dire need of a new light. The current one is from the previous owner, it's too small and too ugly.

Here are some lights I am eyeing as possibilities to replace it.

pendant pb 199
Pottery Barn - $199
Maybe a little too rustic for my house.

pendant 1stoplighting 90
1 Stop Lighting - $95
I like the shape and the price, but I'm afraid it might look cheap in person.

penant home depot 229
Home Depot - $229
Pretty, but do I want to spend that much?

pendant homedepot 153pendant lampsplus 196
Top: Home Depot - $153, Bottom: Lamps Plus - $197

These last two are probably my favorites. I like the Lamps Plus one more, but it is a little smaller than the Home Depot version (pictures are not to scale), and more expensive. Decisons, decisions.

And for good measure, one of my most favorite entryways and entryway lights of all time - the work of Lauren from Pure Style Home.



  1. That Home Depot one doesn't really look like your style...I like the last two a lot. Although the one from Lamps Plus kind of likes like a model of an atom. Which is kinda cool in it's own way.

  2. I love them all but the circle ones caught my eye...prob because I haven't seen them anywhere! Thanks for sharing!

  3. i luhuuuve the last 2!!! you can't go wrong with either one

  4. I like the $153 Home Depot one best.