Remind us never to shop for four rooms in one day again. Here's my mom and an SUV full of our loot. I think we annoyed many cashiers that day, walking up with two carts full to the brim of stuff for them to wrap and bag.

A much needed chips and salsa and Diet Coke break was taken after this.

8-2 007

8-2 008


  1. You know what I would love most about having a design team with my mom....spending other people's money! How cool. You guys seem to be making some very cute room boards. I hope you'll be posting more shots of what work you've been up to recently.

  2. Looks like you scored some nice items. Love the colors in that pillow and those baskets are super cute. Cant wait to see how you use these items. By the way can you let me know the price of your design boards. Thanks

  3. Love those pillows crammed behind the seat. Where are they from?

  4. I'll be sure to post some pictures of our projects soon!

    Stacy - The pillows are from Home Goods, and actually I bought them for my house, whoops.

    Queenbee - my room board prices range from $30 to $40, email me for details if you're interested. Thanks!

  5. Ooops. A pillow jumped in my cart today too at Walmart. Wish I lived in the near vicinity of Home Goods, such a great store!