Closet Organization

One item on my never ending to do list for the house is to install a closet system in our master bedroom closet. It's a pretty good size walk-in, but needs shelving and better space planning to really reach its potential. And maybe a husband that folds his pants instead of throwing them in a bundle on the top shelf.

Loving this closet makeover over at Real Simple.






  1. Thanks for sharing this. I love how this closet made use of the odd angles towards the back of the space and shows the drawer organizers. It also looks great!

  2. Thats a fabulous closet. My master closet needs a complete overhall.

  3. I LOVE the Elfa system. There are knock-offs but nothing is like the original (so true about so many things!). We have it in nearly all of our closets now and I think it's worth the investment. Super easy to install, adjust, etc. I need to post about it in our blog. Seeing these pictures make me want to get a rug for our closet but the clean wood floors we have in there are so nice!

  4. I'm featuring your article today on my craft blog! Hope that is OK!

    PS...that ottoman in that closet is cute, but I love your dog bed/drip pan one better!:)

  5. I love when closets become a beautiful room with great shelving and furniture. Loving that light fixture.