I was at IKEA this weekend picking up a few things for a client. I stopped by the As Is section and saw an EDLAND dresser in pretty much perfect condition. Regularly $199, on sale for $125.


As you may know, IKEA's As Is section is a bit of a war zone. I quickly marked my territory by parking my cart right next to the dresser and setting my purse on top of it. As I waited for a text from my client to see if she wanted it I was accosted by fellow shoppers eyeing my dresser. Several of which did not hide their annoyance that I was stubbornly refusing to move. The good news is, the dresser was eventually mine.

Here are some other things we have in store for this room.

Possible art wall arrangement
Melissa - Art Wall



  1. I LOVE that dresser! But that As Is section at Ikea is brutal. People are willing to bleed while hunting for good deals there!

  2. Love the dresser as well. I may have to check it out in person.

    BTW, I sent you an e-mail prior to Thanksgiving inquiring about a room board. I am guessing you either did not get it or were too backed up with the holidays. Just thought I would check to see...

  3. That dresser was worth every dirty look you got.

  4. I was just wondering where you got that "All you need is Love" print. Also, I was wondering if you were dong in home consultations again?

  5. I feel so classy being referred to as "the client," or perhaps just more like a John Gresham book. Regardless, I love my room and can't wait for it to be put together!

  6. you go, erica. stake your ground. ~Marily

  7. I am in LOVE with the spark picture and the tree painting. Where did you find these gems?