Alternatives to the Gallery Wall

I'm still seeing gallery walls like the one below everywhere, and I still like them.

But you can't put a gallery display on every single wall in your house or you're gonna look like a crazy person. Here are some other ideas to fill those empty walls. Framed wallpaper.

Enlarge family photos and frame - those are Ikea frames!

Display 9 matching frames in a grid.

Shelves or picture ledges.

Source: bhg.com via Cathy on Pinterest


  1. All of these pictures are nice but I have no idea what they were of because all I could think about when I was looking at them were the faint, dainty stripes on the ceiling in the second picture.

    It ruined all other pictures for me, ever.

  2. Love it! Especially because I am going to have some of that in my house. Awesome :)

  3. love all these ideas. i like the grid look and those 3 enlarged ones too!

  4. LOVE those Ikea frames! Simple and gorgeous. That grid also looks amazing, but I find it impossible to get them all even.

    Nice post.


  5. I love checking out your site for great decorating ideas - Love the frame displays I am thinking about doing this in my dining room eventually. Right now I am currently redoing my daughters room and you always find gorgeous area rugs. Could you list some of the sites you browse through? Thanks in advance - Mandy

  6. I have always loved lots of photos on the walls. It just makes it feel like home and brings so much memories. Family photos are best.

  7. I love the shelves with pictures on them! It wouldn't work for me just quite yet though - my kids would find them as toys! Maybe in about 20 years when they're all gone! Thanks for sharing :)

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  9. Veldig fin blogg og innlegg er svært ultimate. Takk for shaing med oss alle huskatalog

  10. Love these ideas! I have a HUGE blank wall that runs along the length of my house connecting my living and dining room that I'm having the hardest time deciding on what to put up. I have a wall gallery going up my stairs already that you can easily see from the living room so I really don't want to go on gallery wall overload and these are great alternatives.

    P.S. I didn't know Ikea sold those frames in such a large size! Another reason for me to be totally Ikea obsessed!!

  11. I like the large frames from IKEA. Simple and organized. They do not look like gallery-types of frame. We also have ledges in the living room, on the window areas but they are used to display flower pots and vases.

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