Organizational Tip - Trays!

While we're on the topic of organizing, one of my favorite topics I must say; I thought I would share one of my personal must-have organizational items - the tray!  I'm addicted to buying trays, and I use them all over my house.  They are great for corralling those random items that you need easy access to.  Plus you can find really cute ones and they're almost always affordable.

Here's some examples of how I use them in my own home.

In my office to keep everyday office supplies in one space instead of spread all over our desk.

In my bedroom I actually use a cute dinner plate in place of an actual tray for lotions and perfume, don't judge my cheap perfumes.

A tray also can be nice as a strictly decorative item.  I have one in my living room behind the sofa holding a few room accessories just to break up the sofa-table a little. 

And finally in my baby girl's room to hold all those baby necessities.

Here is a quick round up of some of my favorite trays available right now.  And they're all easy on the wallet. 

1. BARBAR Tray 2. Blue Arrows Tray 3. Coral Scalloped Platter 4. Mini Desktop Trays 5. Silver Bird Tray 6. Porcelain Stripe Tray 7. Coral Lattice Tray 8. Seeing Spots Tray


  1. All those trays are so pretty! It's such a nice feeling to have your space well organized. I also using some desk trays on organizing my office. It looks very nice too.

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  3. Nice, you always have had a magic touch. My favorite, the reflection of you in the lamp holding Ivy Girl. That yellow plate is amazing.


  4. Thank you for the tray tips! It never crossed my mind that food trays can actually be useful in other things aside from fruits and servingwares. By the way, I like the silverbird tray.

  5. Yay I am glad you used my tray and candle holder I gave you for Christmas. I love all those plates and trays and want to buy 10 every time I am in Target.

  6. All pictures here are so lovely. Home organizing tips always come handy and the wares shown over here have such a country feel. You can go through more rustic items like these at countrychicdecor. Having all your things stashed in the right places helps a lot. Trays, both round and square, are absolutely delightful.

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