Changed my living room around. Unfortunately it didn't make my couch any less ugly.

Living Room4

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Isn't it awesome when you have big plans for your tax return that involve a new couch and maybe a mini vacation, and then your accountant calls with the news that you broke even? Super.

Oh moss green couch, how I hate you.


  1. When you come up with an inexpensive solution to your couch problem, let me know. I have a green monstrosity of my own that needs to be remedied.

  2. Maybe your couch looks like poop, but at least your chairs are awesome.

  3. I think the new setup looks really nice! Totally opens up the room. Maybe try a couch cover of some sort? The cheapish ones can be a little sketchy but the semi-pricier ones are actually okay...

  4. i hope you know how happy this blog makes me.

  5. you make me laugh! i love that you need your closet bin organizers to match "so you can sleep at night". i'm kind of like you in that way. i think the new arrangement looks great!

    i want your your chairs and coffee table please!!!

  6. ps I know caitlin creer on your daily reads. and caitlin wilson who is featured on her blog. caitlin wilson is a-mazing!!!! she was a roommate of mine. she lives in dubai and finds all these wonderful things for good deals. her house is perfect.

  7. where did you get those wing chairs? they look great!