Sofa Shopping

We want a chaise sectional sofa. We watch a lot of movies at home and I want something we can both fit on comfortably. I also would like to not spend a million dollars.

This one is from JC Penney
$500 on sale
91 inches long
Not sure about the color and not sure I want microsuede because of the cat hair factor.

This one is from Cost Plus World Market
$700 on sale
84.5 inches long
Love the look of this one, but I think it would get dirty fast, and it might be too small?
world market

This one is from Macy's.
$2,700 (Yikes. But it goes on sale sometimes for $1,700.)
117 inches long (Maybe too big?)
Zach really wants leather. I think leather would be good because cat hair won't stick to it and it will be durable when we have kids; but this is the only leather couch I've found that I like.

Sofa shopping is hard.


  1. i live in north carolina so we have furniture stores GALORE around here-- most of the ones we have i bet you don't have out there though. have you tried sears or costco? i actually have bought a couple furniture pieces from JCP that i've been really happy with. and how about overstock.com?

  2. P.S. i've actually been looking for some side chairs on overstock and happened to see this couch-- awesome storage too!


  3. Superb Style!
    Certainly the largest piece of furniture in our home, and one that says the most about the overall design style of our home is our Sofa . Some prefer the straight lines and minimal design of contemporary sofas. Others like sofas with lots of soft cushy pillows and floral patterns.

  4. Get the leather, you WILL NOT regret! I am a design whore, and have total ADD with my house. I'm CONSTANTLY tweaking it etc. I have a leather couch that I bought from Costco online, (yes, you read that correctly) it was the best money ever spent. I have a gazillion kids, who have a gazillion friends, and I have a boatload of dogs, and let me tell you I could care less what happens on that couch (that didn't come out sounding too good, did it? but you get what I mean) anywhoo, it looks as good today as the day I bought it, which was 7+ years ago. I got a darker brown, like your pic, and just plain lines. It works with whatever I put with it, or whatever I color I paint my walls it just goes. I did get 2 sofas, but sometimes wish I'd gotten a chaise....

  5. Beware of the cat/leather couch combo unless she is declawed! I have gorgeous leather couches which now have little scrathches all over them! Even though my cats don't really use the furniture as "scratching posts," they leave little marks just from walking/stretching on them. It is easy to just wipe them down to remove any stray hair, though ...

  6. surely you can find one on craigslist with your mad finding skills, no? we found a giant leather sectional on CL for $500. good luck!
    ps i LOVE the blog!

  7. LEATHER, especially since Zach is a bit messy.

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