The bedroom makeover so going slowly but steadily. I'm in the market for a new fan. We like the sound of a desk fan on while we're sleeping, but the current one I have is pretty ugly.

I think a metal retro looking fan would be much better.

Top Row - $34.50, $89.04, $49.99
Bottom Row - $53.91, $69.99, $96.99


  1. Not sure if you have one by you, but the Homegoods by my house here in Chicago had tons of cute retro fans like those, and for only $12.99! You should check those out too.

  2. Love these vintage fans... and they're powerful too (or at least the one I have is). What a great collection you've pulled together. xo Erica

  3. very cute fans. another alternative would be an air purifier. some of them are really compact and you can hide in a corner so it doesn't take up dresser space and it provides the noise to put you to sleep while improving the air quality. ;)