Design Advice : Cindi's Family Room

Cindi emailed me for some design help with her family room. Here is part of her email:

We have recently moved into this house and just threw some things up. I want a new entertainment center. I don't think I want a large one since that wall isn't too big and that is where the cable is so the tv has to stay on that wall. Maybe something like the one we have but sits up higher??? As far as colors I am not sure. Our family room opens up to our kitchen and the kitchen is red and green. So I am thinking a color that would go with my kitchen.
OK sorry for my life story on my family room!!! Just wanted to let you know what I have been thinking. As far as a price point, obviously less is better!! But I don't mind spending some money.



I like the red accents Cindi has chosen, but I think the space would benefit from even more color to give it a little more depth. Here is what I put together.

Cindi's Plan
1. Curtains, $9.99 a panel
2. Mushroom Prints, free from Vintage Printable
3. Baskets for Topiaries, $3.99 and $4.99
4. Ikea Bjursta Sideboard, $249. (I think this would be a great solution for Cindi's TV stand.)
5. Green pleated pillow, $34.95
6. Yellow pillow, $24.95
7. Floral rug, $109.99 for a 5'x8'

I think the TV wall could become a great feature wall and focal point for the room with a little artwork. The mushroom prints I found are from Vintage Printable and are completely free to download! I think they bring just the right amount of red in to tie back to the rug. Here's what I would do with that wall.

TV Wall

I hope you like my suggestions Cindi, and good luck!

If you are looking for design advice like Cindi, shoot me an email!


  1. The mushroom prints are a very good suggestion. You have a great eye!

  2. Very good color choices, I love it.