Bay Window

A commenter asked about my bay window, and how I hung my curtain panels.

new sofa 003

My favorite curtain hardware is the Allen and Roth line at Lowes. My rods, finials, and curtain rings are all from this line. For my bay window I hung a curtain rod six inches above each window. Then, I used these genius devices for the two places where the rods needed to connect:

Allen and Roth Corner Connectors

corner connector

Here are some other bay windows for inspiration:

bay window

bay window2



all images from DecorPad


  1. great ispirations! Thanks for the tip
    Berenice :)

  2. Where did you get that sofa??

  3. First off, I just want to say that you have such a lovely space. It looks warm, inviting and laid-back. And I think your bay window played a major part in creating that atmosphere. Windows provide natural light needed to brighten up a space. The inspiration-photos you shared all look gorgeous, but your space takes the cake.

  4. If you were to ask me, I’d choose the last of the bay windows! I’d have to agree with Clinton that a window is an important factor contributing to the overall look of your living room. Natural light coming in will always brighten up the mood not just of the living space, but as well as the mood of the people in there too. Thanks to your windows!

    -Maricela Milum

  5. Oh, I just love bamboo shades! They may be in contrast with a contemporary home, but that’s just what makes them stylish. So, it’s easy to assume that my favorite inspiration is the first photo. And about your bay window, I think it made your home cozy, just like how Clinton described it. It gives off an image of a perfect family room. =)