Tart House Design Update

Our little business endeavor has not crashed and burned yet, and my mom and I are having so much fun! We have both an install, and a new client consultation scheduled for this weekend.

The install is for our client's master bedroom. All her furniture is in place; but she was at a loss on how to accessorize and finish the room. I can't wait to show you the results on Monday.

We offer a variety of services - from a full room design like we did for Heidi; or just giving your room those finishing touches that it needs, like we're doing for our client tomorrow. I've created a link to the services we offer, you can access it by clicking our logo in the left sidebar, or clicking here.

Here we are diligently working for our client, Heidi. Don't you want us to diligently work in your house? :)

Heidi's room 006

Heidi's room 002


  1. What a great thing your mom and you have started!! Must be so fun to work together!

  2. Can I reserve you for a very undefined date in the future when we own a new, real, giant house? And I should start making monthly payments now so that Philip won't see me writing you a check for like 1500 bones when I want you to do the entire house. :)

  3. Tart House Design!


  4. Heidi's office looks so amazing! I bet she is very pleased with the mother/daughter pair that came in and worked their magic. Nice work!!

  5. What is the name of the color of paint? I love it!

  6. Here's what Heidi told me about the paint color:

    It is the Wal-mart Colorplace brand in "Green Twig" Wal-mart doesn't have the greatest selection of paint, and their workers are questionable, but if you can find something you like it's totally worth it. I think this gallon of semi-gloss was 13 bucks, and a gallon of flat is like 7 bucks. The only down fall is they don't carry eggshell finish, but they do have satin.