Copycat Project : DIY Cloud Art

I knew when I saw this project featured on A Cup of Jo, I had to try it out.

diy cloud art - a cup of jo

cloud art

Amber from Amber Interiors took a photo of clouds, blew it up, and framed it in an IKEA frame. Genius.

I used a photo I had taken a long time ago, and simply cropped it so only the sky was in the frame. Then I tweaked it a bit to get the turquoise color I was going for. Here is my version hanging in my bedroom.

cloud pic 007

cloud pic 006

Such a fast, easy, and cheap project!


  1. I love this! I may have to copy your copycat art. :-)

  2. Love love love! Is that a Holbrook sky?

  3. As usual, a great idea and looks perfect with the bedding. Yeah, which sky is that?

  4. That makes the room look even more relaxing! Great Idea!

  5. This is amazing! I love that idea. I am so excited I found your blog! I can't wait to go back and read your older post. I would be honored if you would visit my blog and tell me what you think. I am also celebrating my blogs one year with a giveaway you should enter!!



  6. Wow! I love it! I think I will copy your copycat art but I have a picture I took of cherry blossoms against a blue sky....great inspiration for me! Thank you!


  7. WOW! You have a lovely place to live. I really like the style. Done some things that I haven't seen before and that's unusual today!

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  8. Just found your blog via Style Lush -- I'll be pinning the crap out of your blog & following it! Awesome taste & style!!

  9. love it! so simple and perfect!

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